Welcome to the Florida
Demographic Report Service

This website is a public service designed to allow you to produce reports from the 2000 U.S. Census at the Block Group level in Florida.

"I needed a simple report for a meeting. This site helped me get the numbers within a few minutes. Thanks!"
-- John Q.

About the Data

What Is Available Now

What We See in the Future

This program is not funded at this time. We consider this a "work-in-progress" and are developing it as resources permit. We see this site becoming into a robust, customizable engine where the public can gather quickly obtain information without the traditional hassles associated with acquiring demographic data. We are aware that much work lies ahead, but also realize that a journey begins with the first step.

Some enhancements we would like to develop are:

If your group needs a specific report, or if you would like to contribute funding to expedite the development of this program, please contact us.