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The Bureau of Survey and Mapping is presently developing an interactive map which will allow the user to obtain mean high water (MHW) datums over the Internet.

Presently MHW information is available along most of Florida's shoreline on the interactive map. MHW information is not currently available on the interactive map at recorded erosion control sites, inlets, bays and the intra-coastal waterways. In the future, MHW data for these sites will be available.

If MHW information is not available on the interactive map at your job location, alternative methods for obtaining this information are available. (See "MHW Datums that are not available from the Interactive Map" -- Section 2 below.)

This page contains links to instructions, checklists, and approval forms that you may need. If you have questions concerning content or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Lamar Evers at 850/245-2606.

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1 - Overview
2 - MHW Datums from the Interactive Map
3 - MHW Datums that are not available from the Interactive Map
4 - MHW Methodology and Data Collection Procedures
5 - Miscellaneous Information about MHW
6 - Forms
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