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Free Viewers

PCI Geomatics
Download a free viewer

JPEG 2000 Viewer
JPEG2000 Viewer enables users to view the image files saved in JPEG2000 format. If you decide to save a file in JPEG2000 format, you can download the application to display it.

JPEG2000 viewer
The viewer opens JPEG and JPEG2000 images. You cannot create or modify images with the free JPEG20000 viewer. AMC Network Services is providing this free viewer to enable AMC-JPEG2000 image recipients to view the images at no cost.

Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox
Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox is a windows software which allows you to view, create, edit, display, save ... JPEG2000 files and other format. It is an excellent solution to create a file in the JPEG2000 format.Morgan JPEG2000 toolbox permits viewing JPEG2000 data and any otherfile formats as bmp, png, tga, tif, jpg, gif...

ExpressView Browser Plug-in (MrSID)
ExpressView Browser Plug-in (formerly MrSID Browser Plug-in) gives standard Windows Web browsers the ability to natively view MrSID and JPEG2000 images. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to view, magnify, print and save images. ExpressView Browser Plug-in is free for individual use and is easily installed as a plug-in for NetscapeĀ® and Internet Explorer Web browsers.

Also, several different viewers/apps here:

Commercial Graphics Applications

Adobe Photoshop
"JPEG 2000 is a file format that provides more options and greater flexibility than the standard JPEG (JPG) format. Using JPEG 2000, you can produce images with better compression and quality for both Web and print publishing. To save and view files in the JPEG 2000 format, the optional JPEG 2000 plug-in must be installed in Adobe Photoshop CS/Plug-Ins/Adobe Photoshop Only/File Formats. The optional JPEG 2000 format plug-in can be found on the Photoshop CS installation CD in Goodies/Optional Plug-Ins/Photoshop Only/File Formats.

Unlike traditional JPEG files, which are lossy, the JPEG 2000 format supports optional lossless compression. The JPEG 2000 format also supports 16-bit color or grayscale files, 8-bit transparency, and it can retain alpha channels and spot channels. Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, and Lab are the only modes supported by the JPEG 2000 format.

The JPEG 2000 format also supports using a Region of Interest (ROI) to minimize file size and preserve quality in critical regions of an image. By using an alpha channel, you can specify the area (ROI) where the most detail should be preserved, allowing greater compression and less detail in other regions."

Adobe Photoshop Elements
To enable Photoshop Elements to import or export files in JPEG 2000 format, you need to install the JPEG 2000 plug-in, which is available from Online Services. To download the plug-in, choose File > Online Services in Photoshop Elements, select the JPEG2000 plug-in, and then follow the prompts.

Adobe PDF

With free Acrobat ReaderĀ® software, you can view and print Adobe PDF files.

The images included in the LABINS web site require special software for viewing. The original paper documents are of various sizes (some exceeding 25 inches in width), some are old and in poor condition, and the handwriting on many is challenging. We searched for a format that would preserve the documents' original size, maintain maximum resolution, allow panning and zooming, and keep file size to a minimum for faster downloading. We found the Adobe PDF format to be the most effective. The document's physical dimensions are preserved; there is no noticeable loss of resolution; and zooming up to 800% is possible for those hard-to-read places. The Adobe software is free and needs to be installed only once. It can also be used for other web applications unrelated to LABINS.

To install and use the PDF viewing software:
  1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click on the Adobe Reader icon to go to Adobe's home page. The software is free, but you will be asked to register with Adobe and select your computing platform. Follow Adobe's installation instructions.
  2. Prepare your computer for storing LABINS images It is advantageous to have an organized folder for storing the images to avoid cluttering your computer and to keep images handy for future viewing.
  3. Think about future viewing Because PDF files are copied to your computer's hard drive, you don't have to download them again if you want to view them later. In fact, you don't even have to connect to the Internet!


Some of the images available from LABINS are in TIFF format. TIFF is a standard image format and any TIFF viewing program (PhotoShop, Corel, etc.) can be used to view these images. LABINS does not endorse any particular software package over another.

However, there have been requests for information on shareware/freeware TIFF viewers and we are currently compiling a list of these. Please add to this list if you have found a program that we have not mentioned here.

Please be sure to note any licensing requirements for these programs.

TIFF Viewers Available for Download


MrSID is a proprietary file format that compresses large images to a fraction of their original file size without quality loss.

MrSID GeoViewer

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Some parts of LABINS may use SVG for increased interactivity.

If you can see 'AdobeSVG Installed' and the frog above then your browser is SVG-enabled.

If you can't see the image, you will need to install the Adobe SVG plug-in
or upgrade your browser using one of the following free options:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Adobe SVG Plug-in

FireFox version 1.5 or higher
(Note: no plug-in is needed with this option)

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